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  1. Inspiration for Buyers

    Frequently Asked Questions for First-Time Buyers

    A selection of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive daily from our First Time Buyer Community to help you get on the right path to purchasing your new home.

  2. Inspiration for Buyers

    Decorating a new build

    Q: I’m a first-time buyer about to move into my newly built home. I’m planning a phased approach to furnishing and decoration but I don’t know where to start. What do I prioritise? Interior designer Louise Johnston offers her expert advice.

  3. Inspiration for Buyers

    Country Living: The Pleasures and The Pitfalls

    In our second feature exploring the Great Move to the Irish Countryside, we look at the joys of getting away from it all, but also explore some of the unexpected matters that may irk you. Alongside all that lovely clean air, extra space, greater freedoms for the kids, and gorgeous walks right on your doorstep, what about the downsides?

  4. Inspiration for Buyers

    Rethinking Rural - Escape to the Irish Countryside

    In the first part of a new series of features, we look at the Great Move to the Irish Countryside. As more and more people are voting with their feet, rural Ireland is wide awake. As well as gorgeous and gloriously spacious, and it is well and truly open for business. So what can you expect? How can you and your family live the Irish dream, and are there any pitfalls to look out for?

  5. Inspiration for Buyers

    Guest Blog: Nutritionist Daniel Davey

    Nutritionist Daniel Davey shares some healthy and delicious food options that will help you feel energetic, healthy, and confident in 2020.

  6. Inspiration for Buyers

    Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture

    Galway prepares to ignite in celebration as spectacular European Capital of Culture opening ceremony approaches.

  7. Inspiration for Buyers

    Sherry FitzGerald London Property Show

    Sherry FitzGerald, Ireland’s leading estate agency and exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, will once again bring its Irish Property Show to London on Thursday 23rd April 2020.

  8. Inspiration for Buyers

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Release your inner romantic! Nothing shouts romance more than a beautiful bunch of flowers, what better way to brighten up these cold February mornings than a floral display to set the tone for this special day?

  9. Inspiration for Buyers

    Thrive Festival 2020

    Ireland’s most dynamic fitness, wellness and lifestyle event, Thrive Festival, is full to the brim of everything for the wellness warrior and fitness fan. Thrive Festival which takes place this weekend at The Convention Centre, Dublin.

  10. Inspiration for Buyers

    Guest Blog: The Pippa Guide by Pippa O'Connor

    Style icon and savvy businesswoman Pippa O’Connor shares her guide to making your living space a homely place with tips on finishing touches that will add that extra dimension to your home.

  11. Inspiration for Buyers

    Let's Stay Connected - With Free Resources!

    There are so many ways we can all pass this time, so we wanted to start to share with you some free resources that can help make your day that little bit easier. Today is for the children and families at home.

  12. Inspiration for Buyers

    Guest Blog: Donal Skehan - Let's Stay Connected!

    As most of us are currently confined to our homes for the bulk of the day we thought it would be nice to share some tasty recipes with ingredients that are easy to find (most of which we probably have in our store cupboards). Check out these two great dinner ideas from Donal's Superfood in Minutes book, by Donal Skehan.

  13. Inspiration for Buyers

    Let's Stay Connected - With Fitness!

    We all know that physical activity can help boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy so it’s important that while we’re all practising social distancing that we keep our minds and bodies healthy.

  14. Inspiration for Buyers

    Let's Stay Connected - Cooking with Ciara Atwell!

    There are many ways we can pass all this time spent at home and we wanted to share with you some recipes that may help make your day that little bit easier. It’s time to get cooking with the kids with these simple recipes from Ciara Attwell’s book, Fussy Eaters.

  15. Inspiration for Buyers

    Let's Stay Connected - Improve Your Living Space

    As we’re all spending most of our time in our homes it’s a good opportunity to make our space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. It will help to pass the time and you get to reap the benefits which can only be a win-win situation!