Moving to Ireland

It’s a fact – for the first time in a long time the Irish are returning home from abroad with more people opting to put down roots back in their homeland rather than staying abroad, and less people emigrating. With employment opportunities improving all the time, many people see it as the perfect time to return home to loved ones and the culture they grew up in.

While travelling and experiencing different lifestyles is a great chance to see the world, inevitably the lure of home is always there especially for those who are ready to start a family and want their children to grow up as they did. According to recent statistics from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) the amount of people in employment is 20,000 higher than it was before the financial crisis, with unemployment down to just below 6% from a peak of nearly 15%.

There are the practical considerations to take on board once the decision is made to return home, not least of which is where to live. It could be the case of moving back in with parents or family as you research the opportunities open to you or give yourself the chance to save for a deposit.

Whatever the scenario we can help you on the journey to finding accommodation that’s right for you. First on your list should be to seek sound financial advice on the rules surrounding getting a mortgage in Ireland when you have lived abroad for a period of time if you are keen to buy a property. Our team of specialist independent financial advisors can help you gather the information and documentation that you will need.

Maybe you would prefer to rent while you decide where you want to put down permanent roots, in which case our team of Lettings specialists are here to help. Click on the links below and we’ll be in touch and by your side offering expert advice as you start this exciting new chapter in your life.

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