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  1. Inspiration for Sellers

    Summer Styling

    Q: My home is going on the market. How do I style it for summer viewings? Interior designer Natasha Rocca Devine offers her expert advice.

  2. Inspiration for Sellers


    Q: I’m downsizing from a larger house to a smaller one but I don’t want to say goodbye to all my furniture and artwork. What can I bring with me? Helena Cousins of Zinc Interior Design offers her expert advice.

  3. Inspiration for Sellers


    Q: My house is going on the market and I want to declutter it for viewings. Where do I start? Suzy Kell, decluttering coach, offers her expert advice.

  4. Inspiration for Sellers

    Brighten up your garden & patio for the winter months

    Q: It's winter and my garden and patio aren't looking their best. How can I brighten up these outdoor spaces without a huge expense? Garden designer Marion Keogh offers her expert advice.

  5. Inspiration for Sellers

    Choosing Paint

    Q: I’m painting my interior with a view to putting my home on the market. Does everything have to be painted in cream? Colour consultant Niamh Courtney offers her expert advice.

  6. Inspiration for Sellers

    Let's Stay Connected - Thinking Of Selling?

    Top Tips for filming your home and getting ready for your virtual viewings - you do the video and we’ll do the rest!

  7. Inspiration for Sellers

    Thinking Of Selling?

    It's time to start getting market ready. Book your free valuation today!

  8. Inspiration for Sellers

    Property Management

    Sherry FitzGerald Lettings property management service is a “must have” for any Landlord and Tenant. It’s an all-encompassing service that takes all the hassle, stress and worry away from the Landlord.

  9. Inspiration for Sellers

    City \u0026 Country Summer Edition - Legal Prep

    Thinking about selling? We asked three industry professionals their advice on how to successfully get your property market-ready and avoid unnecessary delays. Hear more from Mark Hennelly, Partner, David Walley \u0026 Co. Solicitors.

  10. Inspiration for Sellers

    Kerb Appeal

    First impressions count, so when bringing your home to the market you need to ensure that your property receives the attention it deserves for all the right reasons.