Residential Investments

Residential Investments

Partnering with Sherry FitzGerald will give your project extra impact and added value. With a solid reputation in the property market, we have unrivalled experience in analysis, valuation and disposal of residential developments. 

Our countrywide network gives us a major advantage over our competitors. With our expertise in emerging sectors like build-to-rent (BTR), we understand the market dynamics at play right across the industry and can provide the guidance and support you need at every stage of the project process.

Build to Rent

With severe shortages very evident in the Irish rental sector, it is anticipated that the number of BTR projects will continue to increase in the coming years. We can work with you to manage these developments on your behalf. From finding tenants using our extensive network through to providing a high-quality lettings management service, you can depend on our expertise and professionalism.

Multi-family investment

Also commonly known as apartment complexes, multi-family properties are buildings with several rentable spaces. We have many years of experience in this area and have a specific understanding of how buildings are run, what level of operational expenditure is required and all other key factors.

Research and analytics

Everything we do at Sherry FitzGerald is evidence-based. We ensure your residential property decisions are made on solid data and proven insight and not basic forecasts or gut feelings. By consulting several data sources, both primary and secondary, we help to ensure that every decision you make at each stage of the project process is based on data and backed up by informed thinking and analysis.


For more information please contact:

Director, Commercial & Residential Investments

Ross Harris

Sherry FitzGerald Dublin New Homes

Managing Director - New Homes

Ivan Gaine

Sherry FitzGerald Dublin New Homes
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Our team has substantial commercial property expertise and by combining our specialist skills and research-focussed approach, we can provide high quality consultancy services in all aspects of commercial property.

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No matter what your query, our team are ready and waiting to hear from you.

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Our complete knowledge of the Irish commercial property market combined with our hands-on approach can provide you with the management service and expertise you need to get the best return on your assets.